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 Scottish Information Assurance Forum (SIAF) Briefing: Cyber Security 

Friday 4th March Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow 09:00 to 13:00

This special Scottish Information Assurance Forum (SIAF) Cyber Security Executive Briefing is being held due to the high number of companies that have recently been affected by malicious software (malware) that systematically encrypts all your corporate data and then holds the company to ransom to pay to unencrypt your data. 

During this SIAF event, there will be talks from Scottish Police (Cyber Security Division), Palo Alto (global security solutions provider) and one of the UK leading Security Advisors, Sapphire. 

Discover the extent of the business impact to your company if infected by Ransomware. 

Understand what you need to consider to protect yourselves against such attacks and more importantly how to educate and test your staff on Phishing attacks.

Scottish Information Assurance Forum (SIAF) Seminar: Cyber Security

Wednesday 27th November 2015, The Westerwood Hotel, Nr Glasgow

With major Cyber Attacks hitting Talk Talk, Marks and Spencers, US Defence and Ashley Madision in the last few months, is any business safe. Whether it is organised crime, foreign intelligence service or a 15 year old hacker sitting in his bedroom  they can all create havoc to you and your customers, leaving you with massive financial costs and major brand reputational damage.

This SIAF Seminar discusses the key aspects of Cyber Security, including from a Hacker's Viewpoint on how they use common vulnerabilities to exploit either your or a third party network to gain access to your information. The seminar also provides advice on what you can do to minimise the impact from these attacks. You will also be part of the discussion on how Scotland can develop a National Threat Evaluation and Distribution solution to improve security awareness across businesses from all sectors.

Register now to confirm a place and join us at the Westerwood Hotel, Cumbernauld on the 27th November 2015.

"Great to meet peers from across the public and private sectors to discuss real issues in a relaxed atmosphere."
Donald Crombie, Information Security Manager, City of Edinburgh Council

8th May 2015, The Westerwood Hotel, Nr Glasgow

This SIAF event is took place on Friday 8th May at The Westerwood Hotel, Cumbernauld. The event will consist of a plenary session featuring presentations from National Australia Group and Euro Recycling followed by workgroups addressing the topics of end user awareness and training.

Alan Coote, Information Security Manager at National Australia Group will provide an opening keynote entitled "Your First Line of Defence and Your Weakest Link". During his presentation, Alan will discuss how to get necessary and vital buy-in from those responsible for the security of your data and systems, and how through education and awareness risks can be identified, discussed and mitigated.

Alan's presentation will be followed by a short session from Euro Recycling, a UK Government approved onsite data destruction and WEE recycling firm who invite delegates to bring along any HDDs (Hard Disks / Hard Drives) that they require shredding.

Following a short refreshment break, delegates will break out into workgroups to discuss the following:

Setting goals

  • Assessing needs
  • Delivery methods
  • Creating training programmes
  • Scalability and measuring success

This workshop is ideal for HR Managers, Security Managers, Training Managers and IT Managers.

 Seminar and Workshop: Security Culture - Castles in the Air?

Friday 7th November 2014

In today’s information age, where the threat to information assets has never been so great, security is no longer just about keeping sensitive information secured away from prying eyes, it is also about ensuring that the appropriate people can access the right information as and when and from wherever they need to.

To ensure you have the right security culture to maximise profit and services within your company, it is essential to not only understand your company’s values and objectives, but to realise what drives and motivates your staff, third parties and customers to accept change.

Alan Moffat (Director of Sapphire) is a leading exponent on cultural change, business development and behavioural awareness and will be discussing a number of key elements including:

·         Understanding corporate culture

·         How to approach and implement a good security culture in your company.

·         Understanding peoples behaviours (including Insider Threats)

·         Developing and Implementing a Security Strategy to meet your business needs.

CPE/CPD points available for attending this event.

 Conference: Secure Scotland  
Wednesday 27th August 2014, Club 29, 29 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow

Join the Scottish Information Assurance Forum (SIAF)  in a non-political debate to discuss the security implications should Scotland become independent from the UK. 

Delegates are eligible to claim CPE / CPD points and will receive copies of the presentations following the conference.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Ian Bryant, Cyber Security Centre, De Montfort University
  • Professor Bill Buchannan, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, Trustwave
Have your say: The morning session will close with a panel session, providing delegates with the opportunity to join a lively debate with the speakers. Following a light lunch, delegates will be split into workgroups.

Pricing: This event is free to SIAF members. If you are not a member of SIAF and would like to attend, a registration fee is applicable.

Please remember that SIAF members are able to bring up to 2 colleagues free of charge. Additional attendees will be charged at £29pp + VAT.

Non-Members: Full day (including buffet lunch) - £79 (VAT included)


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 Seminar: Cloud 
Friday 21st March 2014

Morning Session:
This morning session is relevant to all industries; both public and private sectors. Topics discussed will include the solutions available to date, how safe using the Cloud really is and the current / evolving threats to look out for. Russel Ridgley, Head of Cloud Services at Pulsant, one of Scotland’s largest data centres will provide a keynote presentation entitled “benefits and challenges of adopting a cloud solution” which will be followed by a lively debate between attendees and presenters.

 Plenary Session: Open to both members and non-members

Wednesday 14th May 2014, The Westerwood Hotel, Cumbernauld

SIAF will host its June meeting on the first day of the National Information Security Conference (NISC - NISC is the UKs leading information security conference and is held in Scotland. In Association with the Scottish Information Assurance Forum, NISC brings together information security professionals to discuss current and evolving information security issues and threats. The conference is a unique three day event that attracts both residential and day delegates from throughout the UK including Ireland and the Channel Islands and promotes best practice in all areas of Information Assurance.

Pricing: This event is free to SIAF members. If you are not a member of SIAF and would like to attend, a registration fee of £79pp + VAT is applicable.

Please remember that SIAF members are able to bring up to 2 colleagues free of charge. Additional attendees will be charged at £29pp + VAT.